German Reconnaissance planes

Believe it or not, but not only the Allies have airplanes. Yes indeed, the German Luftwaffe has a lot of modells which are able to support our operations in finding convoys.
Why are they so rare? Ask our friend the Reichsjägermeister and sometimes Generalluftmarshall and boss of those clods.
For the one of you who have never seen one of those miracle machines, here is the full sortiment.

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Short range reconnaissance and support planes
Medium range planes
Long range planes

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Short range planes

Arado Ar 196

The Arado Ar 196 was supplied to the forces in 1939 and saw service as a reconnaissance plane in coastal flyer groups as well as a spotting plane for battleships.

Heinkel He 59

The Heinkel He 59 was originally constructed as a torpedo bomber in the early 30's. It saw operational use during the war mainly during the first years, where it was used as a mine-layer, rescue and transport machine. It was replaced by the DO 18 and DO 24 later in the war.

Heinkel He 60

The Heinkel He 60 was designed for the same tasks as the Arado Ar 196 and saw service during the war until 1943. It was used nearly in all costal flyer groups and a total of 100 machines was built.

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Medium range planes

Dornier DO 18

The Dornier Do 18 is a direct descendant out of the famous "Whale" family. Built in 1935 it was used in the first years primarly over the North Sea and the Channel. 100 DO 18's were built.

Dornier DO 26

The Dornier DO 26 was develloped for the Lufthansa for the North-Atlantic Route. It was converted to a reconnaissance plane and saw service mainly during the Norway campaign.

Heinkel He 115

The Heinkel He 115 was mainly designed as a minelayer and torpedobomber. But the B-1 version was built as a reconnaissance plane. The He 115 saw it's best times during raids against north-cap convoys.

Junkers Ju 88

The famous Junkers Ju 88 was used in nearly every possible role an airplane could be used for. Beside the roles as bomber, torpedobomber and reconaissance plane it was used in the early years to hunt Sunderlands in the Biscaya. This area ended fast when the british sent Mosquitos and Beaufighters to attack the attackers.

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Long range planes

Here is the area where every U-boat commander gets wet dreams from.
Airplanes, capable to search the whole Atlantic for convoys, having the fuel to shadow them and lead U-boats to their victims.
Stay cool, poor Kapitänleutnant, sometimes, somewhere, in a better world one of those planes will guide you to a convoy.

Blohm & Voss BV 138

The Blohm & Voss BV 138, also known as "The flying clog", saw  it's primary service in the norwegian sea and was used as a reconnaissance plane. Later versions were used for mine-sweeping and  - believe me, it is true! - the C-1 version was used against allied u-boats carrying radar with it!

Dornier DO 24

The Dornier DO 24 is another type of the "Whale" family. Used as SAR-plane, for reconnaissance and minesweeping activities more than 250 planes were built.

Focke-Wulf FW 200 Condor

Here, she is! The beauty of the skies or the scourge of the Atlantic, Churchill said.

Designed as a long range airliner it was rebuilt into a bomber and long range reconaissance plane which spread terror and fear along the allies in the first years.

But as the Allies were able to sent CAM-ships ore escort-carriers for defending their convoys the good times for the Condor were over and was used only as an airliner from 1944 on.

Heinkel He 177

The He 177  Greif, or better known as the "Lighter of the Reich" had severe problems due to claims from the Reichsluftfahrtministerium she was never able to fulfill. This strategic bomber should be usable for diving attacks like a JU-87 or a JU-88! Therefore the four motors were only used for two propellers which caused heavy problems with oil-leckages turning the plane into a burning hell.

Junkers Ju 290

The Junkers Ju 290 was again developped out of an airliner. The militaric versions where used as longe range reconaissance planes or were carrying HS-293 gliding bombs.

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