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Before you take a look at the pictures, read the words from Dan about the project.

"The film my students (11th and 12th Graders in my Military History Class at Lorain County Joint Vocational School, Oberlin, Ohio, USA) researched information on comparing US Submarines in the Pacific (the USS COD on which it was filmed) against the Japanese and a German UBoat in the Atlantic (namely a mision of Kptlt. Erich Topp). They researched info since February then in May we went to Cleveland Ohio on board the USS Cod and filmed both German and US scences from info they needed for their documentary film. Uniforms and such were provided by me and the kids. WE had a $0 budget so everything was "bring it for yourself". They had lectures and movies from me throughout the time so they had a good background about submarine service. They asked Admiral Erich Topp questions via mail and email interviewed a US Sailor aboard the Cod in WW2 about what happened after they attacked a Japanese Convoy (what the US portion is based on). Veterans "manning" the sub put the kids in the proper positions for filming as they remembered it. Hard for the German as we had no German Technical Advisors on hand so I had to improvise and do what I could. We also filmed German Bridge scenes atop the school with a homemade conning tower made from Cardboard and wood."

For more information about the USS COD you may use this link

Kaleun kommt an Bord!

"Out of the Biscay, as fast as we can."

Empty seas and empty skies. Time to relax.

"Convoy in sight!"

Preparing for periscope attack

"Gegnerfahrt 10, Lage 30, Entfernung 800"

To get some money back, some items can be purchased. If you want them, get in contact with Dan Reed direct.

"These are the uniforms I bought for the film. I don't need all of them so I am selling them to "first come first serve". Limited sizes and quantity. Also THEY ARE USED SO DON'T EXPECT PRISTINE pieces. They look pretty good and close to Uboat equipment."

Wet Weather Jacket
and Pants $25

KM German Cap (East German Navy)
$8 (WW2 Insignia NOT included)

Enlisted Man
Gray Shirt $8

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