Werner Kempton

Kapitänleutnant (Crew 38)

Ltn z. S. Kempton in discussion with his commander KptnLtn. Erich Topp

20/03/1940   U-boat war badge
02/06/1941   Iron Cross 2nd Class
04/04/1943   Knights Cross

20/01/1938  Seekadett
15/08/1938  Fähnrich zur See
01/06/1939  Leutnant zur See
27/03/1941  Oberleutnant zur See
24/07/1973  Kapitänleutnant

Commandet U-Boats:
U 80,   Type VII C  0 patrols  27/03/41 - present 

Werner Kempton received his basic training in Danholm were he stayed for two months. As a Seekadett he participated on a 3 month cruise on the Gorch Fock. After that cruise he was transferred with the rank of a Seekadett to the light cruiser Karlsruhe where he joined a world cruise for nine monthes. He returned to the Marineschule Murwick and was promoted after 3 months to Leutnant zur See. From May until November 1940 he was assgined to a Staff position at Murwick as a teacher of naval History (Good aptitude for teaching and command and interest of the subject).
The wish to join the battle against Great Britain was fulfilled after much talking to the right people. He was assigned as 3 WO to U 552 under the command of Kptnltn. Erich Topp at 12. April of 1940.  On the 14. February he sunk a 2.000t british merchant with the deck gun off coast of southern England enroute to the American coast line.He stayed on the boat untill the 27. of March 1941. He was promoted to Oberleutnant and transferred as I WO to U 115 under Kptnltn. Johann Weiss where he served until December 1942 where he was reassigned for training for his own boat

Obltn. Kempton was awarded with the Iron Cross 2nd Class on the 20th June 1941 for bravery under fire while under air attack.
After a Sunderland attacked from out of a dense fog,  Kempton as I WO on bridge ordered evasive action and directed the AA crew in firing which brought down the Sunderland and avoided the bombs which she dropped.

Kptnltn z. See Kempton is currently asssigned to 9th Flotilla in Brest and has returned from his third patrol.


U-boat badge

1939 Iron Cross
2nd Class

Knights Cross

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