Max Neumann

Korvettenkapitän (Crew 35)
Born 1915, Dresden
(active career)

30 Sep  1939  Ubootskriegsabzeichen
17 Okt  1939   Iron Cross 2nd Class
27 Jan   1940   Iron Cross 1st Class
20 Jun   1940   Knights Cross
16 Feb  1941   Oak Leaves to the Knight Cross
28 Apr  1941   Swords with Oak Leaves to the Knight Cross
26 Oct   1941  Diamonds to the Swords and Oak Leaves to the Knight Cross

26 Jun  1936   Seekadett
01 Jul   1937   Oberfähnrich zur See
30 Jun  1938    Leutnant zur See
12 Jul   1939    Oberleutnant zur See
08 Aug 1940    Kapitänleutnant
09 Aug 1941    Korvettenkapitän
Commandet U-Boats:
U 103 Type IIC 01. Oct  1939


21. Feb 1940
U 121 Type VIIB 28. May 1940


06. Okt 1940
U 109 Type IXB 27. Dec  1941 -  present

Max Neumann was born in Dresden in 1915 as the son of a former German Imperial Navy Chief Engineer on the WW1 Class UC Coastal Minelaying Uboats.
In 1935 he joined the new German Kreigsmarine and immediately volunteered for the Uboot Arm. Naturally he wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps after hearing many stories from him in the Great War.
Oberleutnant Neumann joined the 9th flotilla at Brest with his type IIC U 103 and has been promoted during his career to Kapitänleutnant. His outstanding results led him to the command of the newly built type IXB U 109, where he is on training at the moment.
4 Aces

From the very first patrol on U 103 he showed four aces as his insignia, delivering the needed luck as a surplus to his tactical skills and bravery in combat.

On his seventh patrol he sunk two escorts which allowed him to take place in the Lodge of the escort hunters of the 9th flotilla, allowing him to show the special insignia of this privilegded class beside his bow anchor. It seems that Kptltn. Neumann becomes an ace of the aces, because on his next patrol he sunk three escorts!







Total career results:







U-boat badge

1939 Iron Cross
2nd Class

1939 Iron Cross
1st Class

Knights Cross

Knights Cross
with Oak Leaves

Swords with Oak leaves
to the Knight Cross

Knights Cross with
Oak Leaves, Swords
and Diamonds

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