Heronimus Reiss

Oberleutnant (Crew 33)
(Active career)

Obltn. Reiss on search for a new target


30 Jan 1939 Ubootskriegsabzeichen
07 Sep 1940 Iron Cross 2nd Class
01 Mar 1941 Iron Cross 1st Class
05 Apr 1941 Knights Cross
12 Jul   1941 Oak Leaves to the Knights Cross
07 Aug 1941 The Navy Roll of Honor Clasp in Gold


23 Sep 1933 Seekadett
01 Jul   1934 Fähnrich zur See
05 Apr 1936 Oberfähnrich zur See
05 Oct 1937 Leutnant zur See
11 Jun  1938 Oberleutnant zur See
02 Nov 1941 Kapitänleutnant

Commandet U-Boats:

U-11   Type IIB 25 Mar 1940 - 29 Sep 1940 (training boat)
U-102 Type VIIB 01 Okt  1940 - 07 Aug  1941
U-90   Type IXB 18 Okt  1941 - present

Heronimus Reiss began his naval career in April 1933. After more than a year on the light cruiser Königsberg, he transferred to the U-boat force in January 1938. He was watch officer on U-10 and U-37 before commissioning the training boat U-11 in March 1940. He left the boat in September 1940 and then commissioned the type VIIB U-102 in Oktober 1940.
On his second patrol he sunk a destroyer which gave him a place in the lodge of the Escort-Hunters of the 9th. From there on his boat shows the insignia of the Escorts-Hunters to the left and the right on the hull.

U-102 returning from his 3rd. patrol with the brand new Oak-leaves for Oblt. Reiss


U-boat badge

1939 Iron Cross
2nd Class

1939 Iron Cross
1st Class

Knights Cross

Knights Cross
with Oak Leaves

The Navy Roll
of Honor
Clasp in Gold