Fritz Rumey

Kapitänleutnant (Crew 32)
Born 25 Mar, 1908 Metz, Lorraine

05 Oct  1939  Ubootskriegsabzeichen
15 Oct  1939  Iron Cross 2nd Class
17 Feb  1940  Iron Cross 1st Class
11 May 1940  Knights Cross

01 Jan  1934  Fähnrich zur See
01 Sep 1935  Oberfähnrich zur See
01 Jan  1936  Leutnant zur See
01 Oct 1937  Oberleutnant zur See
01 Feb 1939  Kapitänleutnant
Commandet U-Boats:
U-113 Typ IIC 29. Mar 1938  29 Jan 1939
U-64 Typ IXB 30. Jan 1939  present

Fritz Rumey began his Naval career in August 1929 after studying Engineering for 4 semesters. This was 4 months later than the usual start date, due to an accident in June of that year in which the German ship Niobe sank after capsizing, killing most of the cadetes (27 men) of Crew 1932.
Some men from the Reichsmarine thus went on to replace this loss. Rumey completed one year of basic on-board training on the light cruiser Köln.
After a few months on armored cruiser Deutschland, Leutnant Rumey served for three years in the naval artillery.
Then he became II WO on the destroyer Theodor Reichel. In January 1938 he transferred to the U-boat force.

In March 1938 Kptltn Rumey commisioned U-113, a small coastal U-boat of type IIC. As commander of U-113 Rumey made 3 patrols sinking 3 ships totalling 14.657 tons.Rumey left U-113 on 29. January 1939 to command of the larger combat boat U-64, a type IXB.

Kptltn. Rumey completed his sixt patrol on 11. May 1940 with an overall result of 14 ships sunk with 68.910 BRT. After returning from patrol he was awarded with the Knights Cross for his results.

Fritz Rumey is currently assigned to the 9th Flotilla, Brest.


U-boat badge

1939 Iron Cross
2nd Class

1939 Iron Cross
1st Class

Knights Cross