Egan Wesse
Oberleutnant (Crew '33)
Born:  05, April 1905 Düsseldorf


01/03/39 Ubootskriegsabzeichen   
21/10/39 Iron Cross 2nd Class


01/06/36 Leutnant Zur See 
01/10/37  Oberleutnant Zur See


U 21   IIB  01/09/39 - 10/02/40
U 39   XIB on training

Until we have an original picture from Obltn. Wesse,
the famous Oberst Klink will serve as his substitude

Egan Wesse, having been ejected  from  university and denied a career as a professional violinist, sought his new career  with the  fledgling Luftwaffe, but  his aptitude leaned toward naval tradition and he promptly transferred to the Kriegsmarine.  Lt ZS Wesse served aboard the cadet ship Gorch Fock, and later aboard the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper.
Wesse's first uboat was the small type II boat,  U 7,  under Kaptleutnant Walter Junkers where he served as the boat's First Watch Officer.
Oblt Wesse was then transferred to the 9th U-flotilla under Kvtkpt Thomsen, and given command of the newly constructed type II boat,   U 21.   His second patrol was not under a lucky star and he was interviewed by a commitee which finally gave him back command and honor. After his third, succesfull patrol he was given command on U 39, a brandnew type IXB.

The emblems of  his boats