Stefan Michael Grabowski

Kapitänleutnant (Crew 34)
Born 29 Mar, 1915 Apenrade
(CO, 5th Flotilla ,Kiel)

Kptnltn. Grabowski with his Knights Cross

30 Sep  1939  Ubootskriegsabzeichen
31 Okt  1939   Iron Cross 2nd Class
07 Jan   1940   Knights Cross
16 Feb  1940   Iron Cross 1st Class
16 Feb  1940   The Navy Roll of Honor
                        Clasp in Gold
11 Jun    1940   Oak leaves to the Knights Cross

01 Apr 1934  Seekadett
01 Sep 1935  Fähnrich zur See
01 Jan  1937  Oberfähnrich zur See
01 Apr 1937  Leutnant zur See
01 Apr 1939  Oberleutnant zur See
01 Mar 1940  Kapitänleutnant
Commandet U-Boats:
U 330 Type IIC 01. Oct 1939  16. Feb.1940
U 114 Type VIIB 16. May 1940  11. Jun. 1940

Stefan Michael Grabowski was born in 1915 in Apenrade. He joined the german navy in 1934 as Offiziersanwärter. He was assigned to 2. Schiffsstammabteilung - Stralsund, where he was member of the fourth company, 1st group.

From 1st. July to 30th. September 1934 he participated on a journey of the Segeschulschiff Gorch Fock as member of the Backbord-Wache.
On the 1st of October he was transferred to the Kreuzer Karlsuhe where he was in service up to 30th of June 1935 until 30th of June 1935, again as member of the Backbord-Wache. After the succesfull completion of the Fähnrich-examination he was transferred to the Marineschule Murwick  where he was stationed from 01th of July 1936 up to 31.March 1936.

The succesfull completion of the Seeoffizier-Hauptprüfung lead him them tu various weapon courses up to 31st March 1937. On the 1st of January  1937 he was promoted to Oberfähnrich zur See shortly followed by his promotion to Leutnant zur See on 1st of April 1937.

Until 31st of July he was in duty as Divisions Leutnant and  participated in several weapon special trainin units. His promotion to Oberleutnant zur See on 01st. of April 1939 was accompagnied by his transfer as I WO to U 3.

From the 1st of June 1939 he was on commanders training which lead him direct to a command of U 330 on the 30th. of September 1939.

U 330 on his transfer journey to Brest

Stefan Michael Grabowski was assigned to 9th. Flotilla, Brest and he and his crew are made five patrols. The success of the third patrol led to the Knights Cross for Obltn. Grabowski

The insignia of U 330 and U 114

His oustanding results in his four patrols lead him to a promotion he did not expect so fast. He was promoted to CO of the 5th. Flotilla in Kiel after he arrived from his fith patrol. The 5th. Flotilla is atraining flotilla for all new members of the Wolfpack-Maillist

Patrol Reports

Patrol #1    Patrol #2  Patrol # 3  Patrol #4   Patrol #5