Oberleutnant Stefan Michael Grabowski
Patrol # 4
Duration:     26.01.1940 - 16.02.1940, 22 days on sea
Patrol Area:   AN22
Ship:   U-330, The Octopus
Type:   II C
Flotilla:   9. Flotille, Brest

26 Jan, 1940
1800 We departed the dock in Brest late, due to a last minute arrival of mail for the men, then made good time toward our meeting point at Ste. Anne-du-Porzic with U-31 at 12 noon.

1915 Met up with our escorts and U-31 who were patiently awaiting our arrival. Above us were an escort of aircraft…our first air escort! Has the war turned?

2020 Arrived at our release point 10 miles west of Lampaul-Plouarzel. Said our good-byes to the escorts, acquired our initial heading of 295 degrees, took final coastal bearings and got underway along with U-31, who we are to accompany to grid BE36, before opening our departure orders and sailing in our specified directions. The seas are gentle with north winds at 15 knots. The sky is a brilliant blue and gulls are hovering above us, increasing the possibility of mistaken aircraft sightings.

27 Jan, 1940
0200 Signaled good-bye and good hunting to the crew of U-31 and departed on separate courses. I opened our orders and took up a new heading around England’s north coast enroute to our patrol area of AN22…a familiar friend and abundant with targets.

1033 Sighted merchant ship. Turning to investigate.

1245 Sent out a fan shot of 3 eels to sink the 9000 GRT British freighter “County of Sussex”. SSS Signals going out on 500 Kcs confirm our kill. Turned to continue patrol.

30 Jan, 1940
1745 Arrived at designated grid and began patrol.

31 Jan, 1940 through 06 Feb, 1940
1500 We are plagued with fuel problems. Evidently, we have some kind of contamination in the tanks which is being drawn into the filters, clogging them. We are currently on our last set of filters and must radio in for replacements immediately. Cannot bring engines above two-thirds speed without the diesels shutting down by themselves. Sent message to BdU regarding rendezvous with another ship for assistance.

2230 Received message from BdU diverting us to AN2370 for rendezvous with Altmark for fuel filters.

08 Feb, 1940
1200 Arrived AN2370. Listened and homed in on directional signals frequency ‘Bachstelze’ to locate Altmark.

1500 Found ship and received additional filters. Departed this time for original patrol area AN22.

09 Feb, 1940
1800 Arrived AN22. Resumed patrol.

10 Feb, 1940 through 13 Feb, 1940
Routine patrol. No sightings. Engines still acting up, but less frequently. Still have three filters remaining for each engine.

13 Feb, 1940
0010 I was awakened to an alarm of high speed screws on the GHG. Took bearings and turned to 135 degrees to intercept.

0200 Encountered convoy heading 030 degrees at 6 knots. Poor visibility helped us to zero in on a single tanker. Assuming it was British and without navigational lights on, we then fired a fan of 3 eels to sink her. Her 500 Kcs. SSS signal confirmed she was the “British Petroleum Tanker Falmouth”. Gröner listed her as 8000GRT, a fine catch for us and the end of our patrol. Deep dive eluded the escorts and we surfaced later to pick up a heading for Brest.

16 Feb, 1940
1500 Arrived AN9476 and radioed for escorts to accompany us back to the harbor.

1800 Arrived at dock amidst a band and great festivities. Evidently, I am to receive a new ship…a TYP VII B and we are to all report for training immediately. Although sad to leave U-330, I am personally anxious to get into a new ship with updated weaponry.








01 Tanker British


"County of Sussex" 27. Jan. 1940
02 Tanker British


British Petroleum Tanker "Falmouth" 13. Feb. 1940

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