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Here is the place for the historical development of this young flottilla

  • 21.02.2000
    Ralf Thomsen joined Wolfpack-List
  • 22.02.2000
    First patrol report of eleven sent to the list
  • 26.02.2000
    Ralf Thomsen was approved by CO Josef Dahnert to join 7th Flottilla in St.Nazaire
  • 03.03.2000
    After eleven successful raids a British commando group was sent out to sabotage the success. The enemy was defeated, but due to severe woundings (new sound-card not compatible to game) Ralf Thomsen retreated from active service.
  • 22.03.2000
    Kapitänleutnant Ralf Thomsen appointed to CO of 9th Flottilla
  • 26.03.2000
    Oberleutnant Michael Hoffmann joined flottilla
  • 27.03.2000
    Flottilla page linked to Organization page by Admiral Schedin and officially opend
  • 28.03.2000
    Kapitänleutnant. Hermann Timmermann joined flottilla
  • 30.03.2000
    Kapitänleutnant Fritz Rumey joined flottilla
  • 31.03.2000
    Flottilla scoreboard added
  • 01.04.2000
    Oberleutnant Heronimus Reiss joined flottilla
  • 02.04.2000
    Map of Brest added as a starting point for a tour
    1. Stop: Logonna
  • 03.04.2000
    Kapitänleutnant Ralf Thomsen promoted to Korvettenkapitän
  • 09.04.2000
    Map of Brest is growing with 3 new spots
  • 10. - 12.04.2000
    Continous enhancements on the pages. Sound track, bio-pages, the story of the flottilla insignia and a list of the active flottillas added, plus maintenance on existing pages.
  • 12.04.2000
    Oberleutnant Hans Schencker joined flottilla
  • 20.04.2000
    Allied opponents added as fifth hotspot on the map of Brest. Philipp Thomsen's words of wisdom embedded, maintenance on existing pages.
  • 20. - 23.04.2000
    Patrol reports of Ralf Thomsen added. Base construction of Brest base completed.
  • 29.04.-01.05.2000
    Secret Weapons added
  • 20.05.2000
    Oberleutnant Max von und zu Kronau-Wahrsteiner joined flottilla
  • 07.06.2000
    Oberleutnant Max Neumann joined flottilla
  • 17.06.2000
    Fun area added
  • 28.06.2000
    Oberleutnant Manfred Buchmann joined flottilla
  • 01.07.2000
    Oberleutnant Hans Bergan joined flottilla
  • 17.07.2000
    Air support added
  • 30.07.2000
    Oberleutnant Stefan Michael Grabowski joined flottilla
  • 22.08.2000
    Oberleutnant Johann von Lubermann joined flottilla
  • 24.09.2000
    Oberleutnant Heinrich Wernke joined flottilla
  • 09.10.2000
    Oberleutnant Willy Weideberg joined flottilla
  • 20.11.2000
    Oberleutnant Egan Wesse joined flottilla
  • 08.12.2000
    New design for flottilla pages
  • 17.02.2001
    Naval units of the german Luftwaffe added
  • 19.02.2001
    U-boat Gallery openend
  • 09.03.2001
    Oberleutnant Werner Kempton joined flottilla
  • 13.03.2001
    9th Flottilla screen-saver file installed
  • 08.04.2001
    Oberleutnant Johann Strauss joined flottilla
  • June 2001
    "Actual History" page enhanced with a gallery with pictures from U 96.
    "Very special page" enhanced with the sections "Status of nations" and "Movie Movie."
  • July 2001
    "AOD meets SH2" section installed. Report about the first meeting of some
  • October 2001
    "AOD meets SH2, the sequel" installed. Big picture galleries about the journey online
  • 10.11.2001
    Oberleutnant Ernst Kippler joined flottilla
  • 14.10.2002
    Korvettenkapitän Thomsen is promoted to Fregattenkapitän by Admiral Schedin.
  • 17.10.2002
    Oberleutnant Gerhard Anders joined flottilla
  • 13.07.2003
    Oberleutnant Hans Eicke flottilla
  • 01.10.2003
    Oberleutnant Klaus von Bulow joined flottilla
  • 17.04.2004
    Cleanup of the page. Broken links were removed
  • 11.10.2004
    Domaine moved to
  • 04.11.2004
    Oberleutnant Rufus Bertfass joined flottilla
  • 24.04.2005
    Leutnant zur See Eric Karle joined flottilla
    With this new member a new time has begun for the Unterseebootwaffe
    community. The first patrols played with Silent Hunter III are displayed on
    the site.
  • 11.05.2005
    Oberleutnant Johannes Buchmann joined flottilla
  • 22.12.2006
    Oberleutnant Hans Kessler joined flottilla
  • 15.02.2007
    Oberleutnant Vik Shloss joined flottila

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