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The Map is the starting point for a tour around the base and everything what has to do with the 9th Flotilla.
The coloured hot-spots are click-able and you will be transferred to the locations.

Again, we are a very new flotilla and we are building our base up right now.
So we have started with the most important object:
1.) The manor-house of Logonna, our rest-centre, or better in German
     "Die U-Bootsweide der 9."
      In that page three audio-files are included:
      The "Tipperary song"
      "J'attendrai" and the
      "Legendary words of wisdom" from KaLeun Thomsen.
2.) The second need of an U-boater is a secure harbour and yards to repair and                   refit the boat.
3.) It is always nice to return, if the welcome celebration in port is too short.
4.) The most time on sea is routine.
5.) The opponents and their weapons
6.) Rumours are telling that we have air-support. For those who have never seen
      else as allied aircrafts this chapter is added.

Before you jump to the map something is needed to be said; the used pictures are not always historically correct in the relation to the text, because the sources I worked with gave very low feedback.
So keep in mind that this is, more or less,  fiction and not a historical report. The "real" facts are in the section The Actual History.

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